Zimmusic : Editeur de partitions gratuites

MARTIN Patrice

Flutist (very) amateur, I write for the flute, but also for the piano and the other instruments.

The style of these compositions ? It depends on the humor of moment ! It is however in the field of what one calls the “classical music” but with a lot of eclecticism and without respect for the “classic” rules, it is about the shape or about the tonal the system.

Sometimes, the point of departure is the subject of a composer who is then completely hijacked. Sometimes also, the source of inspiration can be exotic, with the use of modes generally foreign to the European music.

I shall not comment on the partitions offered on this site. In the same way, I do not wish to evoke my personal course. For all this, the music should speak about itself either then the objective of the composer is not reached.

As I am not either anxious to expose myself with photo, this page would risk to be a little bit sad. So to cheer up it a little, here is a peaceful landscape which wakes up with the return of the light and the life, after the night-stase.

And now, in your listening !

  • Nationality : french
  • Century : 21